This is the face of someone who has been absolutely stung rapid as they realise that they're on national TV and doing something that they really shouldn't be. 

Last night Ohio played Alabama in one of the biggest games of the college football season, and the eyes of the world (or at least most of America and football fans around the globe) were on their TVs as they watched the game.

That was clearly the thought that occurred to this woman as she realised that she was on the big screen in the stadium, and therefore national television, and has been caught doing something that she definitely shouldn't be.

As the person who posted the Vine noted, that could be her "side dude" that she's stroking lovingly, and now the jig is up (mainly thanks to the fact that she rather quickly removes her hand from his neck), while others have suggested that she might have called in sick to work and now realises that her employer has definitely seen that she was lying. Whatever the reason, there is no mistaking the look on her face as she spots herself on screen, and the sheer, wide-eyed panic that ensues. Whatever happened, we suspect today was not a great day for this lady.

Via BroBible