With the success of UFC and other MMA promotions, it's no surprise that there are a few people trying to innovate and create something new that taps into the desire people seem to have to watch skilled combat sports. 

Team Fighting Championship is one of those new takes on mixed martial arts, where two teams of five guys face off in a giant ring, and do their best to knock seven shades of s**t out of one another. 

While they obviously need to be decent at fighting, there's also an element of strategy involved here to avoid getting into a situation where people get ganged up on to fight off two, or maybe even three guys at once. The video below illustrates that point pretty well we feel, as Barbarians FT, fighting out of St. Petersburg, Russia, take on Team HFA from Gdynia, Poland. You can watch the whole spectacle, or skip ahead to 3:45 to watch the start of the scrapping.


If that's tickled your fancy, then you can register on the site to watch more...or you can just cast your mind back and remember your school days where this used to happen on a bi-weekly basis around the yard.