It's fair to say that James Ross-Munro and Kane Wiblen are two of the most unlikely heroes you're ever going to come across but we love them all the more for it. 

The pair were coming home from a party one night when they happened upon an attempted robbery at a service station. We'll let the two boys take it from here as their telling of it simply cannot be trumped. 

So in case you were lost in translation with some of the terms used by James in the inter view, here's how the whole thing went down. 

The two men had been at “stubbies and singlets” party at a local bar. (A stubby is the Australian slang term for a 375ml bottle of beer; a singlet is a cut-off vest). After the party, they headed to a nearby “servo” (filling station) for a snack, when they saw an alleged robbery in progress. They then prevented the getaway car from making an escape and gave chase to the suspects. While shirtless and basically shoeless. 

Our favourite part of the interview is when the presenter compliments Ross-Munro's physique, to which he quips: “Mate, I don’t go to the gym, haven’t been to the gym in years. The only gym I go to is Jim Beam.”

We don't know about you but we'd really like to go for a beer with these two (although preferably without the vigilante activities after). 

Via Time