Are you tired of holding your cat with your arms like a lazy human? Allows this kangaroo hoodie to solve all your problems.

A company in Japan have come up with a new invention for the animal lovers out there who want to bring their pet everywhere, and still want to be stylish. The cat-pocket-hoodie-thing (which they've dubbed the Meowgaroo Hoodie) has a small pocket that allows you to keep your precious pet close whether you're sat at home or on the go. 

While it looks to be popular with the human featured in this video, we can't help but feel that this cat definitely wants out. Maybe it's because it keeps trying to leave...

For those with puppies and small dogs, It can also be used for that too. 

Unihabitat, the geniuses/visionaries behind the hoodie, have thought of everything, as it even includes a lining in the pocket that can be removed and washed clean of all the fur and hairs that your pet will shed in there. If you want one, it'll set you back ¥ 5.980, which is just over €44, which excludes the costs of shipping and handling and your dignity.

Main pic via Unihabitat