YouTube has seen its fair share of candid camera videos, including from MagicOfRahat, the man behind the invisible drive-thru pranks that have gone viral.

His latest video is a bit of a change of tact for him however, in that it is a fantastic gesture, rather than a prank.

Last month, he bought a lottery ticket for a homeless man named Eric, but gave the staff in the shop $1000 dollars to ensure that he won. Eric’s amazing response was to turn around and say that he wanted to split the money with him, and the internet went into overdrive raising money on a Kickstarter to get Eric back on his feet.

That venture totally exceeded expectations and raised over $40,000 for him, which Rahat decided to invest in the most amazing gift: a new home for Eric. You can watch the video to get a sense of just how much this gesture means to him, and the extra good news is that he managed to get a job right before they handed over the keys, so even though the rent is paid for the first year, Eric is equipped to keep everything going.

Keep watching through to the end of the video to see Eric’s emotional thanks to Rahat and to the people that helped him out all over the world.

Via IJ Review