If you're a fan of the NBA, then you might want to remember the name Kwe Parker.

At 17-years-old (he turns 18 this month) and standing 6'2", Kwe'Shaun Parker has some serious basketball skills and is a player that may well be plying his trade in front huge audiences in years to come. In this seriously impressive mixtape, he shows off an incredible amount of dunks put together from practices, competitions, and games, with some serious athleticism on display.

Although this tape was put together a few months ago, it started gaining some traction again recently after Kwe had the number one play on Sports Center's Top 10 a few weeks ago, and USA Today named him as a player to watch in his team, who they ranked second overall in their high school tables. Not hard to see why when you take a look at some of the skills he shows off in that video.