The Oscars are upon us once more, the most coveted award ceremony in the film industry. Half the world and their aunty will tune in to see the world's finest actors strut down the red carpet, talk shite about 'who they're wearing' and 'how great it is to be here', but nothing is more eagerly awaited than the winner's speeches; the most glorious of stages offered to our most loved stars to, more often than not, bore the complete arse off us.

Ahead of tonight's ceremony, one man has taken it upon himself to give all of Hollywood's Oscar hopefuls a few tips ahead of their potential winning speeches.

Impressionist, Piotr Michael doles out his advice through the voices of some very well known actors, including our very own Chris O' Dowd and Liam Neeson. Among the other actors spreading their wisdom vicariously through Mr. Michael are Sir Ian McKellen, Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, even Charlie Sheen gets a look in. 

To be fair to this chap, he does a serious job with every one of these impressions. Ian McKellen and Jeff Bridges are particularly amazing but, all credit to him, his Chris O'Dowd is nothing short of incredible, complete with facial mannerisms and everything.

Take a look for yourselves.