Finding out that your significant other is cheating will always be tough to process and, sometimes, the healing process can take months.

For Youtuber beanyneilpudsey, however, the healing process began as soon as he found out. How? By staging an elaborate hoax to confront his girlfriend of his infidelity.

His video, which goes on for a whopping SIXTEEN MINUTES, describes both how he found out about his girlfriend, what she was doing, who she was with and how he was going to confront her with said information.

Take a look.

In the space of a single day, the video's racked up an impressive 2,089,742 views with the video going viral in a matter of hours.

Naturally, we're waiting for the Hollywood adaptation of the story and the word is that Joel Edgerton has signed on to play the guy with the phone-camera with David Fincher looking to direct a script from Andrew Kevin Walker.

Solid song choice with Roxette, by the way. 


Via YouTube