For those of you who don't think you know film maker, Casey Neistat, you may be more familiar with his work than you think.

Hailing from New York, this fecker is the guy setting the benchmark when it comes to making highly entertaining, viral videos. Most recently, Neistat has garnered a lot of attention for his unique way of using advertising budgets given to him by his clients, the likes of Nike and Mercedes, included in that list. His most recent stunt was taking a $25,000 budget from the makers of 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' and, instead of making a generic promotional video, he took the entire budget, flew to the Phillipines and used it as a relief fund to help victims of the the terrible natural disaster that had occurred there a week previous. Very sound.

Besides his unique way of using budgets, Casey uses video to document his life in a way that is just as unique as his way of promoting products. His DIY style of film making is refreshing, fun and, above all engaging to watch, with a lot of his videos centered around customising his equipment as well as, in general, his creative way of living his life. Moreover, he has become an important commentator on life in New York, his viral video on bike lanes in New York being a particularly funny one. Mr. Neistat, if you're reading, you're fair good at making them videos, fair play to you. You're welcome here in Ireland, anytime.

We've put together a gallery of our favourite Neistat creations, enjoy for yourselves.

Make sure you stall over to Casey's channel here, for more of his stuff.