For all ye hungover heads out there this Sunday, here's a wee article that is sure to fill you with the inspiration you need to get up off the couch and get working out.

Some of you may have heard of Frank Medrano, but, for any of you who haven't, you're about to watch a man so strong that it would bring tears to the eyes of men and women the world over.

Medrano trains, almost exclusively, with body weight exercises. Swapping dumbells and machines for the most basic of chin up bars and anything else he can do variations of handstands and pull ups on. The result is a body that is one of the most functionally strong in the world.

Medrano comments on his website:

'Over the years, I’ve trained extensively with bodyweight exercise, free weights, odd objects, and just about everything else that is remotely related to exercise. I am not defined based on what I’m using for a particular month or year. I am who I am based on the effort that I put forth each day.'

And, get this, he's vegan. Frank eats absolutely no animal products. That body is constructed purely from plants, can you believe it? I suppose, that pretty much dashes any notion that one needs to consume 4 cows and chicken a day in order to be ripped.

Medrano puts his remarkable physique down to his work ethic and nothing more:

'I strongly believe that The most important aspect to any conditioning program is you . You get what you put into it. Regardless of the workout or equipment that you choose, it is you who must put forth the effort.

'The tools that you choose are nothing more than a means to an end. Equipment will not change the equation for success, as the most important variable will always be YOU. Having control over your own body and being able to do what you want is what makes training so amazing.'

It just goes to show, lads, that you don't need to be spending a fortune on equipment, gear, gym memberships, supplements and everything else. By the looks of it, all you need is a decent chin up bar, the ground and an impeccable work ethic.

Check it out for yourselves.

And another one.

Head on over to Frank's website for more information on his workouts and way of life. Check out his youtube channel, too.