If we're talking about #dadgoals, this is undoubtedly something to aim for.

Obviously in Canada, they get a lot of snow around this time of year - so Alberta dad Kelly Davies made the most of the white stuff by packing it into crates to make ice blocks, and then using them to carve a playground for his Harry Potter-loving daughters.

Davies is an ice carver by trade, which helps - but his Hogwarts-themed playground is still pretty remarkable, no matter how you spin it. Davies makes a different themed ice playground every year, but since his daughters recently became huge fans of JK Rowling's books and the film adaptations, he went with Harry Potter this year.

Not only is there a large ice slide and Dumbledore's throne (with the coat of arms carved into it), but he's also working on The Great Hall and various little touches, like owls and torches in the mix.

See it below: