Ever wanted to cut your booze bill down? Well Matthew Hogg, who lives in the United Kingdom, has a pretty interesting way of going about it.

Auto-brewery syndrome is an extremely rare and apparently definitely real condition that causes your body to essentially create its own alcohol, and Matthew Hogg suffers from it. While it might sound like a pretty great idea, he recently spoke to Vice, he explained what it's like to be him on an every-day basis, and how difficult it is. 

There are no sandwiches, no slices of toast, not even a bit of birthday cake, as any time that he heats sugar or carbohydrates, an excess of yeast in his small intestine creates ethanol that gets absorbed in to his bloodstream, and makes him either drunk or worse, hungover.   

So, while it might sound like a party all the time, the constant hangover sounds pretty awful, and of course, he can't drink at all, so there really is no upside to it. Here's a video interview he did where he explains what it's like. Sounds grim to us...

Via MTV News and Vice