Americans have fallen in love with soccer over the past month at the World Cup, and now Major League Soccer, the country's domestic league, is hoping they can capitalise on that. 

If this promo is anything to go by, then they're doing a pretty darn good job of it too, as they've decided to cast last year's MVP (or Player of the Year, if you will) Mike Magee, who beat out competition from our own Robbie Keane, in a little skit. 

The inspiration for said skit is the iconic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and the promo features a whole host of recognisable faces including Magee himself (who looks a bit like Bradley Cooper), Thierry Henry playing the snooty French guy, Judah Friedlander and Hope Solo, amongst others. 

Of course, having athletes act is rarely a good idea, but this has turned out pretty well we must admit.

Via Ale Padin on Twitter