It's a Christmas miracle everyone, A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Derby the dog was born with a deformity that meant that he has no front paws, and that he was unable to get around like a regular dog could. His owners had tried carts and a few other solutions, but it never quite got him moving around like he wanted to, as he couldn't replicate the natural movement of running. 

That all changed when they managed to get their story to the folks at 3D Systems, who came up with a way to print some new prosthetics for Derby that would help him move around, run and play like any other dog. 

He was adopted by Sherry and Dom Portanova, and has become a bit of an internet celebrity, not least on Facebook, since the story took off. They are hoping that bringing some attention to the success that Derby is having will help to raise awareness around the use of 3D printing for prosthetics and shelters like Peace and Paws, where they got Derby, that won't put animals down if they can help them in some way. 

Who is cutting onions in here at this time of day, seriously?

Via i100