It didn't look good for Portugal after 16 mins of last night's Euro 2016 final. 

They're captain and talisman Cristiano Ronaldo was down and out and they were going to have to somehow find a way to overcome a fancied France side without him. Many would have written them off at this point. Ronaldo possibly included. 

However they rallied and fought on, taking the game to extra time and finding sublime winner with ten minutes remaining. One of the highlights of the game was seeing the injured Ronaldo return to the dugout at half time and becoming increasingly animated as he cheered on his teammates. 

It's not certain whether Ronaldo had an epiphany that his future lay in management or that he felt the only way his team could possibly win was if they could see him on the sidelines urging them on. Either way it seemed to do the trick. 

The below video is a compilation of all of his antics from the match and it's actually gas viewing. At various points he's mimicking manager, Fernando Santos and even joining in while Santos gives instructions to other players. At one point Eder probably doesn't know which one to listen to. 

You can see Santos' patience with Ronaldo waning at several points and to be honest it's a miracle he didn't hit him a dig. Particularly after the playful 'celebratory' jostles Ronaldo hits him with in the closing minutes.

Via Reddit