Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth looks a lot like Green Bay star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which isn't normally that much of a problem...except when he's in Green Bay.

While the resemblance is mainly in the facial features, and he obviously doesn't look to have quite the same bulk as one of the best players in the game at the moment, you do have to admit that you could probably mistake Wrigglesworth for Rodgers.

In this video, he doesn't help matters by covering up his mop of hair with a Green Bay Packers cap and walking around with a hoody emblazoned with the team logo, but still a ridiculous amount of people mistake him for the famous quarterback. That was his intention, of course, and for some reason no one seems to question the fact that he has a British accent. He even gets a key to the city for crying out loud.

To be fair, after he manages to get in to a practice session for the team, the man himself is even surprised by just how much he looks like him. That would be a weird experience, but Aaron takes it pretty well and then starts pranking his team-mates by telling people the two are cousins. We'd probably just cry and run away.