Birthday cakes, for the most part, are pretty straightforward. You can have either chocolate, carrot cake, cheesecake or some form of Black Forest Gateaux if you're adventurous.

They're may possibly be face-cake or some sort of inscription, possibly even the shape of something familiar like a car or a house or something.

You definitely wouldn't expect them to actually transform into an '80s cartoon character, right?

Russell Munro came up with an ingenious little device for his son's most recent birthday that allowed the birthday cake to transform before their very eyes.

Take a look.

As you can guess, there's obviously a little mechanism in the cake that allows it to sit up and change into Optimus Prime.

The look of sheer panic on the mother's face compared to the mystified kids makes it, however. She can see the whole thing falling whereas they're just mesmerised by a cake that can stand up.

If kids see this video, they're going to be at parents for bigger and better cakes. "Mammy, I want a cake that shoots fire out of it like that man from Mad Max: Fury Road!"


Via YouTube