If you're busy feeling sorry for yourself today, spare a moment for all the people working in retail who haven't even had a break over the festive season.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, you have to deal with nightmare customers like the below. Well maybe not quite as bad as the below.

Twitter userĀ @pamyuprince works in a 'Hot Topic' (think grunge/rock/goth/emo/pop culture paraphernalia) store in the U.S. and slyly recorded the most bizarre and terrifying encounter with a customer anyone could ever have. Ever.

According to @pamyuprince, the below is just two of the ten minutes that he recorded of a conversation that went on for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES.

And the worst part? He didn't even buy anything.

Kudos to this guy for keeping his cool. We would have bailed on that conversation and job after the first minute.

Click below to play.