We bet you didn't know that all your favourite memes had something to do with safety on aircrafts, did you?

Getting people to pay attention to the safety announcements on airplanes has become a bit of struggle, and most people end up just reading, listening to their music or generally totally ignoring what's being said by the cabin crew that, in the event of an accident, could quite literally save your life. 

While offering people information that will help them to continue living is a decent incentive, Delta have decided to just cram in pretty much every meme that the internet has ever seen into their announcement in order to get people to pay more attention. All the greats are there, from overly attached girlfriend to the double rainbow guy, as well as Charlie and his brother, who are still doing the whole finger biting shtick thing. 

Look at how many cats are in that, it's frankly absurd. When future generations look back on the internet, they will think we used it as a system exclusively for the exchange of cat videos. 

Via BroBible