When we think of US lawyers, it usually conjures up images of Suits, The Good Wife, Law & Order and, if you're of a certain age, L.A. Law.

In other words, it's all very pristine, ordered, genteel and not at all crazy or off-the-wall. Right? Well, reality's much more different.

This advertisement, by Bryan Wilson (The Texas Law Hawk) in Fort Worth, Texas, is the exact opposite of each and every TV show we just mentioned. In fact, if we had to equate this with a TV show, it'd be something from Adult Swim. Or Workaholics. Or maybe even, going further back, something like Beavis & Butthead.

There's really no words to describe it. Just watch the video.

Yeah, we've no idea either. It's.... well, different, to say the least. Tell you what, though, the advertisement worked because Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk, is burned into our brain and we can't even hire the guy.

Solicitors here in Ireland need to consider this kind of marketing. Or maybe not.


Via YouTube