Another Leo Messi on the way?

There has been no shortage of fantastic players coming out of Belgium in recent years, from Eden Hazard to Romelu Lukaku, and they may have another among their about ten years.

Young Rayane Bounida is only 8-years-old but has already shown that he's got some incredible skills and talent, as this video of his highlights over the last few months shows. He has every trick in the book, and knows where the back of the net is, so there will surely be no shortage of interest in him as he gets older.

Anderlecht moved quickly to snap him up over a year ago, and he has since proven to be worth the trouble, but they'll certainly be hoping that he ends up at the club a little bit longer than one of their other child prodigies, a certain Adnan Januzaj, who moved to Manchester United.

Via Reddit