If you've ever played Skyrim, you'll know just how much of a time-suck the game can be.

One of the most engrossing games you're ever likely to play, Skyrim is filled with endless dungeons, mountains, caverns and castles to explore and thousands of items and armour to collect. The sandbox-RPG has won several awards and has some high-profile fans, but one fan of the videogame has become a viral star.

Shirley Curry, a 79-year old grandmother from Virginia, has become a viral sensation after she posted a 15-minute video of her exploits whilst playing Skyrim. Shirley talks us through her strategy, what she thinks of the game, what's she up to and general chit-chat as she mercilessly strides through a dungeon, destroying Draugr with her Iron Greatsword.

Take a look.

The video, which was posted two days ago, has already hit over 400,000 views in that time. Shirley's pretty well up on technology - she's even got a Twitter and set up the YouTube channel herself. She's also pretty handy when it comes to milling enemies out of it on Skyrim.

It's pretty great to see older people giving videogames a shot and just enjoying them for what they are. Plus, there's a pretty decent community of gamers out there with Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, so it's always nice to see them taking in someone with genuine enthusiasm.


Via YouTube