3D printing is the future, and it seems there's no limit to what it can achieve. 

In particular, it's becoming a hugely beneficial technology in medical innovation and research, which was proven again recently when 7-year old Faith Lennox, who lost her arm when she was just 9 months old to diabetes, managed to get a 3D printed hand. 

The Build It Workspace in Orange County, California managed to make the prosthetic for her, all for the total cost of just $50, and as a lightweight alternative to the clunkier, heavier ones she'd previously had, this particular model is much more suited to allowing Faith to live her life and do all the things that young kids want to do. 

Faith even got to choose what colours her new arm would be, which is why she opted for blue, pink and purple, her favourite shades. 

Good job, science. 

Via Uproxx