Dawson Batts is a guy with not only the best baseball name we've heard, but also a young kid with one arm who never gave up on his dream of playing baseball.

As it turns out, he's also pretty darn good at it too, and has ended up with the nickname of the 'one-armed wonder' from North Carolina, and he showed off his pitching and batting skills at the Baseball Youth NYBC All-Star Challenge this past weekend. 

Dawson hasn't let it hold him back at all, and, according to MLB.com "since he started whacking tee balls at the age of 3, it’s never made him think twice about playing the game he loves."

As the commentators note, he even pulled off a couple of unassisted triple-plays, so there might be no stopping this kid. His dream is apparently to keep playing, make it to college on a scholarship and then get drafted by the Boston Red Sox, and with the determination he's already shown, we wouldn't bet against him. 

Via BroBible.com