Tempers flared as London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal met today at Stamford Bridge, and it wasn't confined to the pitch either. 

Normally, you don't get too much interaction between two managers during the course of a game, bar the odd handshake at the start and the finish, but there was an altercation between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho today that will certainly be getting plenty of attention in the coming days. 

The two were having a frank exchange of views, to put it politely in a game that has seen a penalty given in Chelsea's favour as well as goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois being taken to hospital for examination following a head injury, so both sides were getting heated. As Mourinho began excitedly complaining towards the Arsenal bench, Wenger decided he'd had enough and gave him a quick shove to put him back in his place. 

We're not so immature as to start chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!", but it is tempting. Anyway, the two were eventually separated by the fourth official.