One of the great things about social media and online dating is that it makes it much easier for people to generate interesting stats and data about us. And our sex lives.

Getting statistics about people's sex lives used to be a tricky business that involved all sorts of ladders and telescopes, but now, thanks to the internet and people being much more willing to talk about it, there's all sorts of data to pull from. 

The folks at OKTrends (the same guys as OKCupid) crunched the numbers and they found out some pretty surprising things about sex that you probably never would have guessed. For instance, vegetarians seem to prefer oral sex to meat eaters (if you'll pardon the turn of phrase) while using Twitter means that you're more likely to masturbate than if you use Facebook. #GoodToKnow

In further bad news for Twitter users, they also tend to have shorter relationships. The average is somewhere around 140 characters in length. Sorry...

Via BroBible