When your friend is having a stag party, you do your best to try and make their last party as a single man one to remember, and that should include references or activities that have a personal significance to them.

For Dana Saint, a Rambo fanatic, that meant that his friends would need to incorporate something from the movie series in to his day of partying, but simply watching the movie wouldn't be enough. Instead they only went and made a day full of Rambo-themed activities where he basically lives the life of John Rambo, and filmed the whole thing.

The video in total is over 20 minutes long, and includes fake cop cars, a truck load of paintball guns and real deal fireworks, all of which make for a pretty impressive final product.

RAMBO DAY. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

As it turns out, they guys all have a production company, which makes sense given the quality of this footage. Even though Stallone has Last Blood in the works already, we think he should definitely bring these guys on as consultants.

Via MTV News