A group of daredevils managed to gain access to one of the biggest skyscrapers in Hong Kong, climb the building, and then hack into one of the city's largest billboards.

Apart from producing some simply amazing footage of Hong Kong from a vantage point that allows them to look down on it from above, this video shows the team of daredevils getting in to the building, finding their way to the roof (definitely unauthorised) and climbing to the very top, which is a vertiginous view.

Once there, they hacked in to the billboard that sits atop the structure, and while many claim that they actually achieved this through some trickery in post-production, it appears as though they managed to change the message so that it read 'What's up Hong Kong?'.

Previously, this same group climbed the world's second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower, and that YouTube video got 35 million views, which isn't a bad day's work. Something tells us that this particular one may also hit those heights. 

Via BroBible