Google Earth is good and all, but this is pretty amazing. 

UrtheCast has put two incredibly powerful cameras aboard the International Space Station that can pick up anything bigger than a metre, and the resulting footage that they have captured is spectacular. They are believed to be the first full-colour HD images shot from space, and this week they released a few short snippets from three different cities; London, Barcelona and Boston. 

They hope to make the footage available to private companies and NGOs to give them a better view of the areas where they're doing their work, but given that the cameras cost a reported $35 million to make, something tells us the footage won't come cheap. These clips are free though, so enjoy them instead.

Boston, U.S.A. from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

Barcelona, Spain from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

London, UK from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

Via i100