Say hello to Woodkopf, the new-ish sport to come out of the Czech Republic that involves two people trying to knock wooden boards off each other's heads that is going to become your new favourite spectacle.

Sounds dull we know, but it turns out that it's actually quite fun to watch, even if you're just laughing at the madness of the whole thing. How does it work? Each player is given a thin wooden board measuring 200 x16 x 2 cm that weighs between 3 and 4 kilograms, and once they are balanced on the player's head, they can't be touched. Then each player has to try and knock their opponents board off by either unbalancing them or hitting the opposing plank with their own, all the while keeping their own plank balanced on their heads.

Apparently being tall and bald are the two greatest advantages in the sport, so we're just waiting for Dara O'Briain to sign on as official celebrity ambassador.

Via Oddity Central