People in Waterford really, really like blaas.

For those of you who are unaware, a blaa is essentially a more floury version of a bap. In fact, it essentially is a bap - except Waterford has to be different and call it by a different name.

In any case, blaas - specifically breakfast blaas - are said to be more popular in Waterford than breakfast rolls. So, it should come as no surprise that the world's first Blaa Eating Competition was held in Waterford as part of the Waterford Harvest Festival and, folks, it was a barn-stormer.

One of the heats in the Blaa Eating Competition, seen below, saw people attempting to eat buttered blaas in the fastest time possible.

As you can imagine, the competition was fierce and according to, the winner was crowned as Amelia Scannell, who won €150 and a trophy in the shape of a blaa.

Solid work all round, good hustle, good sportsmanship. It's not yet known if Amelia Scannell will take on a title defense in the 2017 Championship, but for now, she can savour the taste of victory.

And blaas, probably.


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