It's been rumoured for months (kicking off with that reported Playboy Mansion hook up followed by the inevitable rush to meet the in laws), and now here's the evidence. Seriously, if you squint hard enough, it's evidence that Leo and Rihanna are dating. Or, at the very least, standing beside each other at her recent birthday party. 

However, it's much more serious than that... according to ever growing gaggle of TMZ staffers, she's "making him have sex with her, and she's making him do drugs... allegedly" That's when she's not being a cling on or setting mysterious objects on fire. 

By the by, we have no idea why Christina Milian is now among the aforementioned gaggle of TMZ staffers. Interesting career trajectory. 

The below video has (A REALLY ANNOYING VOICEOVER and) NSFW language - unless you work at TMZ towers.