A nine-year-old wrestling superfan who went by the name of Connor "The Crusher" Michalek recently lost his battle with cancer, and the WWE have made an emotional tribute to him with some fantastic clips of Connor at his happiest.

It all started when Connor managed to talk his way backstage at an event and got to meet some of his idols, including Daniel Bryant, his absolute favourite wrestler, who took a keen interest in the young man and his fight.

Together with Stephanie McMahon and some of the company's other huge stars, Connor was given the all-access treatment, even getting to pin HHH for his first victory in the ring.

Perhaps the most touching moment was when Connor was ringside for the biggest event on the wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania, and saw Bryant lift the title, after which he went straight to him and his dad, telling Connor that he couldn't have done it without him.

For Connor's father Steve, the time he spent with the WWE was priceless as it definitely gave Connor something to fight for, and extended his time with his family, and although he lost his battle, his dreams came true while he was still here.

Via BuzzFeed