Everybody just calm down, it's gonna be ok if we can just pull ourselves together here people. WE SAID CALM DOWN!

The biggest chocolate producers in the world are coming together to inform us that we are heading towards a chocolate drought, and there's only one reason for it: we're eating too much of the stuff. 

Coupled with some dry conditions in West Africa (one  that have seen poor yields of the crop and difficult growing conditions, there is now a limited supply left to try and keep up with the increased demands, in particular as it becomes more popular in China. If we keep consuming chocolate at the current rate, then we're going to run out soon enough. 

This news couldn't come at a worse time as this is Peak Chocolate Consumption Season for us, otherwise known as Christmas, so that's bad buzz altogether. Little Johnny Entertainment will have to go without his selection box this year, it'll just be the lump of coal for him.

Main pic via Dave Gunn/Flickr