If you've been living under a rock and have somehow missed the viral sensation that is the Wealdstone Raider, then this might go over your head. 

If not, then you may have already heard Gordon Hill's Christmas single that he hopes will top the charts this year. For those who are unfamiliar, this is the original video, which features a slightly inebriated Gordon dishing out some abuse at a football match, and more than willing to back up his words.  

Although the video was uploaded a year ago, it started to gather a lot of steam a few week back, and as a result he's not only got a range of merchandise out, but also a Christmas single that's all in aid of charity. He's been doing some nightclub appearances too and, by the looks of things, is enjoying his new found celebrity thanks to the power of the internet.

Fair play to him for making the most of his 15 minutes in the limelight and for doing his best to make some money for charity along the way too. However, when Rio Ferdinand tweets about you, that pretty much means you're no longer cool...