Look we can't explain why this is so funny, but you'll have to trust us that it is. 

Nicki Minaj's latest video features plenty of twerking and close-up shots of bums, there's no two ways around it. While that may have had many thinking about how provocative it was, the folks at Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues only had one thing on their minds: fart noises. 

They made a remix of the video, more so than the actual song itself, liberally sprinkled with farts of all types that should give you a good laugh, even if you think you've grown out of fart jokes. No one will think less of you, go on have a laugh. 

Seriously, farts are still funny, even incredibly well-respected comedian Stewart Lee says so.

If you want to hear the real song, sans farts, then you can do that over here.