Will Ferrell turned up at a fan event in Brazil to give a rousing speech to the supporters in attendance.

Watching the United States at the World Cup so far has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with late goals, early goals and all sorts of drama, so we must admit we've got a bit of a soft spot for them and their passionate supporters.

Among those fans are some pretty big celebrities, including Will Ferrell, who showed up at a the 'Fan HQ' area, where the supporters go to congregate when they're not at the games, and gave a rousing speech (alongside Teddy Goalsevelt) in which he claims he's willing to bite every German player to get the job done.

He's not the ony fan sending his best wishes to the boys in Brazil however, as WWE legend Hulk Hogan also sent a message to the team to get the lads pumped up.

Watchagonnado Germany?

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