There are some moments when the very strange world of wrestling crosses over into the mainstream and the world's reminded of just how utterly bonkers it all is.

Don't, however, think for one second that we're slagging WWE because we're absolutely not. But, at the same time, you've got to admit how silly it all is and just utterly ripe for parody.

Last night's Suggestion Box skit from Jimmy Fallon saw someone pitching the idea The Undertaker performing the Tombstone Piledriver on a man dressed as a turkey.

Makes sense, but hardcore WWE fans will know that the Tombstone has been illegal for some time now due to the injuries it causes to wrestlers when it's performed incorrectly.

Still, Taker's a veteran in the sports entertainment business so why wouldn't he do this?

Personally, if they're taking requests, we'd like to see Jake The Snake Roberts drop a DDT on Andy Richter in Conan.


Via YouTube