To say last night's Rose of Tralee coverage was eventful would be a bit of an understatement. 

As we already reported, a campaigner for Father for Justice stormed the stage as Daithí O Sé was interviewing the Cavan Rose. 

Then later in the night, Sydney Rose, Brianna Parkins won admirers from across the nation when she spoke out on Repeal the 8th. 

Parkins, who works as a journalist for ABCNews is a campaigner for women's rights in Australia with a particular focus on domestic violence. She spoke about cuts to domestic violence charities in her native Australia before going on to say that she would love to see Ireland hold a referendum to repeal the eight amendment. 

Parkins' call to action was mostly received positively by viewers who praised her for using her platform to speak about the issue. 

Whether she wins the Rose of Tralee or not, she's already become the Rose of our hearts.