There's no doubting that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a huge star, but he's also a great guy, and he showed that again this week when he took time out to call Alex McKinnon, a rugby league player who is recovering from a serious spinal injury. 

McKinnon, just 22-years-old, suffered the injury in a game between his NRL team the Newcastle Knights and Melbourne Storm back in March, and he has been recovering ever since after it was revealed that he had a spinal cord injury. His career as a player is over, and he required emergenvcy surgery which saw discs removed from his back. 

The process will be slow and difficult, but these words of encouragement from The Rock could make a huge difference to McKinnon. Johnson was being interviewed by former NRL player Beau Ryan, who asked him to speak to Alex and let him know that people had been inspired by his story. 

He's a sound man that Dwayne fella.

Via Rugby Onslaught