Well, this is quite sweet.

Leaving our cold, hard, cynical hearts at the door and forgetting the fact that he has a major new film to promote, The Rock did something really nice for a high school girl in Minnesota who has asked him as her date to her senior prom.

Dwayne Johnson superfan Katie Kelzenberg had even made a video which she posted to Twitter - dressed up in her costume of The Rock himself - giving him all the details of the prom:

Although Johnson can't make it to the prom itself, he did record a message for the 18-year-old that was delivered over her school's intercom system. "Alright, let’s start this Friday morning announcement off with a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement," he said. "You’re probably thinking 'What is The Rock doing on our intercom system!?' Well, I’m sending a message to very special young lady."

He then revealed that while he would be shooting in Hawaii on the date of the prom, he was renting out an entire movie theatre for her and her friends and classmates to watch his new film 'Rampage'.

To say that Kelzenberg was surprised is putting it mildly.

Watch it below:

Katie herself, meanwhile, seems to have gotten over the disappointment of not having a famous actor on her arm for her senior prom: