In this day of internet spoilers and social media, there are very few surprises left, but the crowd in Brooklyn last night got a real treat with the return of one of the industry's biggest ever stars. 

Some people may have known it was going to happen, but judging by the social media reaction, it seems that The Rock's return to the ring on Monday Night Raw last night came as a surprise to most, in particular those in the arena. 

Dwayne Johnson came out in the middle of your average heel moment, as "Russian" (he's Bulgarian) Alexander Rusev was insulting the crowd and calling them cowards. No one insults New Yorkers, not on The Rock's watch. 

While he's been busy making movies in Hollywood and hasn't been back in the ring all that often, he showed that he still has all that charisma that made him probably the biggest draw in the industry since Hulk Hogan, and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

We're not sure if this means that he's going to be back in the game for much longer, but the fans are definitely hoping to see more of him in the coming weeks.