We want one of his puppies. We're not fussy which one, just one of them. He's got two of them - and a baby on the way - surely he can spare one? We'll take one. We don't mind which one. We might have mentioned that already, but if there was a choice on the table - we'd take this one. This one right here. 

The star captioned the vid: "First Brutus, now Hobbs can't comprehend exactly how busy I am - and that time is my most important currency. #ManOfAction #ManOfGettingThingsDone #ManOfTwoPuppiesWhoCouldCareLess"

Hobbs needs to star in all his videos...

As for Brutus, well, here he is not giving any f***s about how tight his master's schedule is: "Clearly Brutus doesn't understand I'm busier than the President, and time has become my most valuable currency. #ThatsMyBoyActingLikeAG #HeGoesWhenHesReady #LikeHisDaddy #PuppyTraining #WelcomeToMyWorld"