The Rock and Nick Mundy from Screen Junkies have a special relationship, one that started a while back when Nick, who's a massive fan of Dwayne Johnson, met him at a junket. 

Mundy was a bit nervous, but the two have since become great mates (as the video explains at the start) over the past two years or so. They've started a real bromance by the looks of it, and when the team at Screen Junkies got in touch with him to line up something truly special for their next meeting, he was more than happy to get involved. 

The prank involves Mundy arriving at a junket for Johnson's new movie San Andreas, and then being told that he's not actually going to get to meet his hero this time around. That is until he surprised Mundy with the news that he was going to officiate his wedding...while Mundy was wearing parachute pants with the stars and stripes on them.

Look, we know it's all in aid of him promoting his new movie, but it's a small price to pay to have your wedding officiated by The Rock, dammit.

Via SB Nation