This is definitely one of the more awkward live TV moments we've seen in a while. 

Australia's Channel 9 weather reporter Rebecca Judd is expecting twins and during her final broadcast was being wished well on air by her male colleagues. 

One in particular, Tony Jones tried to get a little bit more familiar with the mum to be than she was comfortable with. Firstly by placing a hand on her shoulder and finally by attempting to deliver a 'good luck' kiss. Rebecca wasn't comfortable with the former and certainly wasn't having any of the latter and it resulted in an excruciatingly awkward on air moment. Check it out. 

Jones later took to Twitter to share the general mortification he was feeling before being reassured by Judd that it was nothing personal. 

This wasn't the first time Judd has rejected Jones' advances mind. He once invited her around for a BBQ live on air. 

Via Metro