The New York Times recently came to Dublin to spend 36 hours in the capital, and they gave us a glowing recommendation.

They brought their camera along for the ride too, and captured some great footage for their 36 hours in... feature, where they looked at where to eat, where to drink, and a few must-do things for any traveller who will be spending time in the capital city.

In the full accompanying piece, they also give Ireland a great review, saying that visitors will find "a restaurant renaissance, musical creativity and a glorious sense of history" in Dublin, and that things seem to have finally struck a balance after the boom and bust cycle that we've been through: "The city is finding a new way to exist — neither ostentatious with wealth nor bowed down under debt".

They're not the only ones who have been here in the last few weeks and were big fans either, as this month's edition of Esquire also features a section on Dublin, and has plenty of further recommendations to keep an ye out for. Sure people can't get enough of us.

Via Newstalk