If there's one thing Doom has been known for, down through the years, is its blending of sci-fi, horror and action genres into a first-person format.

Going all the way back to the venerable PC game in 1993, Doom has made no bones about the fact that its games are violent. Really, really violent. So, naturally, the reboot planned for May 13th across XboxOne, PlayStation 4 and PC should be the same, right? Why should you water down its legacy to simply suit the current tastes, right?

The early word on Doom is that it's going back to basis for first-person shooters. It's less about finding cover and waiting to regain health and more about constantly and consistently pushing forward - just like in the original series. Players are expected to fight their way to the end without relying on crates or doorways, instead it's a case of trying to outmaneuver and outgun enemies.

Players might remember Brink, a game made by Splash Damage, that had a similar concept that didn't really work. While that game relied more on parkour and big jumps, Doom is more concerned with outpacing your enemies.

Just take a look at the first campaign trailer and you'll see what we mean.

Well, in fairness, we did say it was violent so you were warned.

And yes, that music you hear during the trailer IS a modern remake of the music from the first level in the original Doom. The plot, if you can call it that, sees the player take on the role of a Marine trapped on Mars who must fight off hordes of demons that have been unleashed on the red planet. You are alone, there's no back-up and you've got to kill them all.

Wasn't it fun when game plots were THIS simple? Good times. Good times.