In the pre iPhone era, the Motorola Razr was arguably the number one phone on the planet. 

Never before had a mobile phone made such a big cultural impact. Jack Shepard's Razr was a key plot point on Lost. It was Ari Gold's phone of choice for several seasons too. The flip phone really was the business. 

Then the iPhone came along and the Razr was banished to the realm of nostalgia. Until yesterday that is. 

Motorola have released a new commercial for the Razr and it could have come straight out of 2006. The post on their Facebook page has the caption "Go ahead, get a little nostalgic."

"Hello Moto."

The date at the end of the commercial indicates that there's something coming on June 9th. Whether they're introducing a new model on that date or not isn't clear but we'll be keeping watch regardless.

While it's unlikely the Razr could ever reclaim the place it once had in the mobile phone world there definitely is a market out there in people that aren't interested in smartphones and value cheapness over technology. 

Via Uproxx