A few weeks back, we had the brain wave that the stuff we spew in the office to each other might just be entertaining to the masses.

So we decided to film it a few times a week and release it out into the wild for consumption. There are three podcasts that you'll be able to watch on YouTube as well as listen to on your phone. The Manual with Mike Sheridan is interview based, and we hope to get some awesome guests into Ei HQ for loose, engaging chats. The Insider is a movie based show with our Brian Lloyd, while The Guide is a TV based discussion/rant with TV editor Fiona Flynn and Deputy Editor Dave O'Shaughnessy.

Below you'll find the first intro show of The Manual, where Mike Sheridan and Brian Lloyd talk about what the podcasts will be about as well as their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Not really, but Mike does defend Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn and the weather. 

You can now subscribe on iTunes  - Soundcloud link below.