I'd to watch this a few times because, honestly, all I heard the first time was "WAAAW WUW WAAAAW WAAA WAAAAAAW, I KNOW, RIGHT?"

After repeated viewings, Chelsea Handler's face manages to convey another deadpan delivery (I know, right? How does she do it every time?) when addressing such Kardashian/Jenner related topics as their father's current hairstyle of choice, their parents' divorce, how Khloe Kardashian is scary as hell and their second mawm, and - most interestingly - their alleged boyfriends.

The moment Chelsea brings up the subject of Harry Styles and Jayden Smith - and the fact that they were all out with Chelsea a few nights previously - Kendall Jenner klams up, thus proving she's destined to become the model. Kylie, on the other hand, manages to maintain the banter, and is therefore best suited to becoming a host. Apparently someone suggested she become a chat show host... so Chelsea said she could take over her slot at any time. Just as well, Ms Handler looks like she could do with a kip. How else is she going to have the energy to enjoy having Harry Styles rustle up some "eggs" for her?